COMBUSTIFUME® Hattı Brülörler

COMBUSTIFUME® Burner provides reliable, efficient, industrial heating in process streams with oxygen levels as low as 16% (by volume). COMBUSTIFUME® Natural Gas Burner burns many fuel gases cleanly with low levels of NOx production. Several materials and industrial burner shapes are available to match your specific application while providing clean, even distribution of heat.

Features & Benefits:

• For direct-fired fume incineration and higher temperature process air heating applications
• Modular burner design provides burner assembly configurations and total heat release for maximum application flexibility
• COMBUSTIFUME® Burner provides stable, efficient, raw gas operations in air streams with oxygen levels as low as 16% (by volume), or with inlet temperatures up to 1050°F (566°C)
• Burns clean and odor-free with low levels of NOx production
• When air stream oxygen content is low, primary combustion air may be added through the COMBUSTIFUME® Burner system to produce combustion of most clean gaseous fuels
• Fume incineration costs are minimized by direct firing COMBUSTIFUME® Burner in the effluent air stream
• 12 different varieties of COMBUSTIFUME® Line Burners available, each optimized in materials and/or performance factors to match your specific application requirements