CROSSFIRE Doğalgaz Hattı Brülörleri

MAXON CROSSFIRE® Low NOx Burners comply to the world’s toughest air quality standards for NOx and CO by cleanly combusting gaseous fuels. CROSSFIRE® Burners are nozzle-mixing, modular line burners designed for a variety of fresh and re-circulated industrial air process heating applications. The low NOx burner is available in straight, grid, and insert cartridge sections which are used to spread heat across your duct for very uniform temperature distributions. The CROSSFIRE® Burner can be designed within a system to allow for up to 2,500,000 BTU/hr/ft (730 kW/ft)while producing extremely low emissions of both NOx and CO. You can combine CROSSFIRE® Low NOx Burners with SMARTFIRE® Intelligent Combustion Controls for optimal control of emissions and efficiency.

Features & Benefits:

• Operational flexibility
– High moisture air streams
– Low O2 air streams
– Highly inert air streams
– Parallel velocities up to 4000 fpm, cross velocities up to 3000 fpm
• Extremely low emissions
– NOx levels of 25 ppm and CO levels of 250 ppm at 3% O2 are possible. Contact your Maxon sales representative about your specific application.
• Temperature uniformity to enhance product quality
• Up to 25:1 turndown for process flexibility
• High firing capacity – up to 2,500,000 Btu/hr/ft (732 kW/ft)
• Nozzle-mixing line burner for use with low pressure natural gas firing
• Also available in stainless steel housings and nickel-plated body versions