HC AIRFLO® Kanal Hattı Brülörleri

MAXON Series HC AIRFLO® Duct Burners provide the low NOx operation in fresh and re-circulating industrial air heating applications. Series “HC” AIRFLO® low NOx Burners can operate in a process air stream with 12% or less oxygen content for optimal efficiency and reliability. The HC AIRFLO® natural gas burner ensures efficient, flexible operation with lower pressure drops than other duct burners.

Features & Benefits:
• High heat release up to 8.5 MBtu/h per unit of burner length (12 in.)
• Clean combustion with low CO and NOx emission levels
• Minimal process air pressure drops locally across the burner as low as 0.2 “wc
• Operates in fresh air, preheated air (up to 1100 °F) or low oxygen turbine exhaust gases
• Fires on natural gas, H2 and all mixtures. Special versions for propane, butane, LPG and refinery gases are available
• 100 % stainless steel construction for long life performance
• No external combustion air required
• Plug mounted in duct wall insures low installation costs
• Burner capacity independent of back pressure variations and uniform heat distribution along burner length due to high gas pressure